Legal Translation in Riyadh
Certified Translation

Certified Translation

When Legal Translation Riyadh team works on your content, we take you as a partner in business, because this helps us provide you translation for your documents with due diligence, that will ultimately boost your business expansion. 

Therefore, your search to bridge the language barriers in your business with all the official authorities in Riyadh ends with legal translation office in riyadh , because it carries out all the necessary quality measures to make you feel comfortable whenever you have to pass through certified translation services for your documents in this beautiful city Riyadh.

Certified Translation
translation office in riyadh
Certified Translation service in Riyadh

Certified Translation service in Riyadh

During the certified translation process for abovementioned type of documents, Legal Translation gives special attention to spellings, typos and any missing information which can only be controlled by revising the translated content 2 to 3 times. However, before printing the final document, we prefer to share the document soft version with our customers for their necessary approval since personal documents with illegible content on it requires additional measures. Therefore, our aim of producing 100% accurate and error-free translation gets fulfilled with proper quality-controlled measures set by Legal Translation.

Certified Translation service in Riyadh
About Legal Translation Riyadh
translation office in riyadh

Why should you go ahead with Legal Translation Riyadh for All your certified translation needs?

Because Legal is proud to have a team of professional translators who always believe in producing quality and accuracy. We do not believe in online translation software because this type of translation has no feelings and emotions and ultimately does not help a lot comparing to what is done by a human based on real thinking and creativeness. Legal Translation Riyadh is a 100% human based translation company, and we take extra administrative steps to ensure that none of our translator has made short-cut to produce the translation.

Precision and Perfection:

It is one of the main reasons why our certified translation services in Riyadh is most popular choice among our customers, because we are in adherence to the local and international quality process system that are recognized and appreciated by the world’s top official and business communities.

Certification and Expertise:

Certified Translation service in Riyadh built up our reputation over the period of 20 years by executing certified translation services in the whole of Arab region. We are certified by the Riyadh government authority regulating certification process for providing certified translation services in Riyadh as well as in the whole of Kingdom.

Competitive Pricing:

We offer certified translation services in very reasonable prices. In-addition, there is always a special package for our regular customers.

Timely Completion

We are 100% committed to providing certified translation with a commitment to delivering it within timely manner. We have abilities to deliver your work in as least as 1 hour time-period to maximum 24 hours.

Available 24/7, 365 days:

No matter there are official or public holidays, we are always available to serve you throughout the year. We are even dedicated to receive and attend your requests for translation even out of working hours, weekends or off-days.

Last but not least

Legal Translation Riyadh has great level expertise in producing certified translation for all types of documents such as legal, medical, technical, commercial or any other field of specializations.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is Our Payment Method?
    • Pay by credit card (link will be provided)
    • Bank Transfer
    • PayPal 
    • Cash in hand 
    • Bank Cheque
  • Is Legal Translation a legal translation company in Riyadh, KSA?

    Accredited by the relevant government authority, Saudi Chamber of Commerce, Legal Translation Riyadh Company has necessary approvals in providing certified legal translation for all types of official documents. Rest assured, legal translation executed by it is officially recognized by all the government bodies based in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, specifically in Riyadh.

  • How much time Legal Translation Riyadh needs to complete an urgent translation?

    Although, timeline depends upon the number of pages for translation, however, we have the capability to complete small to medium sized documents within 1 to 3 hours maximum. However, a bulk project could take 24 hours to couple of days to completion.

  • How to assess translation quality before deciding to go with Legal Translation Riyadh?

    Addressing client’s concern to getting quality translation is highly appreciated by us. For that purpose, we offer our premium customers a sample translation up to 200 words without any charges. This way, client can do their satisfaction before they decide to proceed with our services.