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Carrying forward great years of experience in the Middle East Market since 2007, in the field of translation, Legal Translation Riyadh has a proven track record of providing exceptional quality translation services. With our commitment to complying with all quality procedures and rendering our precious clients with high quality professional translation for all types of documents that can be accredited by all the local government departments and ministries beside validating the attestation of the embassies in Riyadh and the whole of Kingdom which can only be made possible if there is a team of professional translators that have abilities to execute the translation of content in various and most difficult and complex settings.



In addition, our prime focus and main concern remains the provision of comfortability and contentment to our customers, that should meet all their requirements at all times. Read more

Types of Services Legal Translation Riyadh Provides


Interpretation Services

There is no better name than Legal Translation Riyadh when it comes to interpreting services in various languages. We have the world’s largest pool of professional interpreters who are always ready to make a great different in your business meetings, private events or multilateral conferences, where they can impress the audience with their best linguistic skills and approach to interpret the speeches or verbal content with 100% precision and perfection. Read more


Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment

Legal Translation Riyadh is one of the most fast-growing and renowned agencies in Riyadh, providing simultaneous interpretation equipment for rent and sales. Since 2007, it has undertaken to execute 1000s of multinational events with 100s of packed audience from various countries and through its integrated interpretation solutions, it has successfully broken language barriers among audiences from various countries worldwide.Read more


Voice-Over and Dubbing Services

If you want perfect voice dubbing artists in any dialect with perfect vocal qualities in Riyadh, indeed Voice Over and Dubbing Services are the best option among our competitors. We have been honoured as the best voice artist company in Riyadh, that renders the best voice-over services. Moreover, we have the best latest technology available in-house as well as top-class qualified staff for the purpose of professional dubbing for films, entertainment and educational industries. Read more


Certified Translation

Do you know Legal Translation Riyadh is recognized as a most reliable translation office in Riyadh as of today. The only reason behind its popularity is its commitment to providing translation services that is well-accepted by the local and international official bodies in Riyadh. Read more

Achievements by Translation Services in Riyadh

Legal Translation Riyadh teams up a wide network of professional translators, interpreters and voice-over artists with great level linguistic skills based in Riyadh and worldwide. Not only that, we have teamed up a group of specialized professionals as per their particular fields, to achieve an aim of providing top-quality and prompt certified services for verities of legal, medical, technical, marketing, technical and commercial content. In-short, we are equipped with a team of professional and qualified professionals who have abilities to produce high-quality content that is coherent to the standards in terms of specialized terminologies, descriptiveness, and styles.

Voice Over Artists
Projects Managers
Projects Done

Our Translation Modus Operandi

Estimate Submission Process

  • NDA Signing by ASLT (If required)

  • Documents receival

  • Quantity Check

  • Deadline evaluation

  • Client’s review
  • Documents Processing for translation

  • Review of the files to the project manager

  • Assignment of the files to the specialized translators

  • A dedicated team of terminology management

  • Styles, formatting, proofreading by a second reviewer and other factors before final release of the files.
  • Delivery Process

  • Digital certified version by email or physical hard copy is delivered to the respective customer

  • 15 days free of cost unlimited revisions as per customer feedback

  • Online or face-to-face meting with the translators and project managers for better understanding to resolve any outstanding issue
  • Proven Certified Translation Company in Riyadh

    Legal Translation was established in the city of Riyadh to facilitate with certified translation services to its citizens from public and private settings. In-addition, it’s main focus is to provide with all types of translation services to the individuals while ensuring to maintain 100% quality and confidentiality through following quality procedure set by us. Legal Translation Riyadh was originally set up in 2007 in Dubai and latter its associated offices opened in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah from time to time.


    However, formation of certified translation services in Riyadh by us came into existence for the sake of catching up its dream in the Riyadh translation market, which was only possible through the collaboration of professional translators network with rich history of certified translation experience in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Therefore, if you want to get a professional certified translation services in Riyadh, and once you have used our services, we bet to be your top priority whenever you need certified translation services in Riyadh. Because, we believe in a culture of accurateness, competitiveness, timeliness and perfectness.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What Is Our Payment Method?
      • Pay by credit card (link will be provided)
      • Bank Transfer
      • PayPal 
      • Cash in hand 
      • Bank Cheque
    • Is Legal Translation a legal translation company in Riyadh, KSA?

      Accredited by the relevant government authority, Saudi Chamber of Commerce, Legal Translation Riyadh Company has necessary approvals in providing certified legal translation for all types of official documents. Rest assured, legal translation executed by it is officially recognized by all the government bodies based in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, specifically in Riyadh.

    • How much time Legal Translation Riyadh needs to complete an urgent translation?

      Although, timeline depends upon the number of pages for translation, however, we have the capability to complete small to medium sized documents within 1 to 3 hours maximum. However, a bulk project could take 24 hours to couple of days to completion.

    • How to assess translation quality before deciding to go with Legal Translation Riyadh?

      Addressing client’s concern to getting quality translation is highly appreciated by us. For that purpose, we offer our premium customers a sample translation up to 200 words without any charges. This way, client can do their satisfaction before they decide to proceed with our services.