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Excellence in Language Services since 2007

We have a working experience of more than two decades. We have been serving the nation since 2007. We have multiple branches in various parts of the Middle East and a large number of satisfied clients who are repeatedly contacting us to resolve their linguistic issues. The secret of our successful journey lies in the dedicated team of linguists. We have thousands of professionals in our network who are experts of various linguistic services including translation to hundreds of languages, interpretation, content writing, transcription, audio-visuals, voice dubbing and voice over.

Our services are accepted in all over the Middle East and the projects we complete have a higher degree of acceptance anywhere in Riyadh and all over the Saudi Arabia. We have facilities to meet the urgency of clients for all types of services.

Certified Translation service in Riyadh
About Legal Translation Riyadh

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is Our Payment Method?
    • Pay by credit card (link will be provided)
    • Bank Transfer
    • PayPal 
    • Cash in hand 
    • Bank Cheque
  • Is Legal Translation a legal translation company in Riyadh, KSA?

    Accredited by the relevant government authority, Saudi Chamber of Commerce, Legal Translation Riyadh Company has necessary approvals in providing certified legal translation for all types of official documents. Rest assured, legal translation executed by it is officially recognized by all the government bodies based in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, specifically in Riyadh.

  • How much time Legal Translation Riyadh needs to complete an urgent translation?

    Although, timeline depends upon the number of pages for translation, however, we have the capability to complete small to medium sized documents within 1 to 3 hours maximum. However, a bulk project could take 24 hours to couple of days to completion.

  • How to assess translation quality before deciding to go with Legal Translation Riyadh?

    Addressing client’s concern to getting quality translation is highly appreciated by us. For that purpose, we offer our premium customers a sample translation up to 200 words without any charges. This way, client can do their satisfaction before they decide to proceed with our services.